Kiehl's is so damn dapper that just by being in close proximity of a Kiehl's product makes you DAPPER BY ASSOCIATION.

We conducted a Tinder social experiment (WE ACTUALLY DID THIS) to test this theory. We made two identical Tinder profiles, the only difference being that one had generic toiletries in the medicine cabinet in the background, and one had Kiehl's products in the background.













We tweeted about our results to Kiehl's. But ironically, Kiehl's proved to be the one person online whose attention we couldn't attract.












We tell the Tinder-sphere about how Kiehl's products in your picture can get you more matches, and we give them a way to add Kiehl's to any picture.

With a simple click (click on image), we turned the Tinder-sphere to a Kiehl's showroom.

Adithya Venugopal (AD) | Andrew Weissman (CW) | Nicolas Perez-Molina (CW)