Ideas Worth Sharing



Finding ideas is easy. Finding AD’s is hard. Here is an idea to find AD’s.


Orange Vest Experiment

What is it about an orange vest that symbolizes trust? And how could we use this to tackle a growing annoyance in Miami? Badly parked scooters. Let’s do an experiment where we’re giving out warnings, and maybe even fines to these jackasse

Hat Tip Experiment

Chivalry isn’t dead. We just need to show it in a new, old way. An experiment where the subject tips his hat anytime a woman passes by while his partner records her reactions. The hat tip must be genuine and unassuming. It’s not about flirting it’s about acknowledging our fellow human.



Made with Love

It’s a common phrase our loved ones tell us, but can love actually make food better?

A blind taste testing experiment where a participant will have to try the same dish twice. One made by a 4 star chef and the other made by someone who loves them.

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